The “Relax and bond with your child with the loving touch of massage” course is an online course that you can follow at your own pace with easy-to-follow step-by-step video and audio guidance. This course will help you bond with your child in a deeper level and at the same time relaxe together.

Three modules that covers all you need to know to get ready to give your child a good massage including information about how it effects your child and give positive effects during and after your massage session.

“You do not need to be a professional or have special equipment to give your child a good massage”.

Ximena Samuelsson-Allendes

I will walk you through how to make it a special moment that the two of you would apreciate and look forward to share .

The more you practice it the deeper you will bond to each other.

What’s included?

Three modules with several lessons under each module that gives you all the information you need to start to bond with your child through massage. The modules combine video, audio and pdf:s to fit your learning style. Each person that completes the course is invited to attend an additional live webinar one month following on the course, which gives you a chance to integrate all that you learn and ask questions.

What you learn:

Module 1

  • Benefits of massage
  • Oils
  • Planning
  • Music

Module 2

  • Video tutorials with the massage grips you need to know

Module 3, BONUS

  • Playlist with the music I use, ready for you (Spotify)
  • More massage tips
  • PDF with the massage grips
  • How to speak with your child about body rules (worth 29USD)
  • What to think of when you have kids with special needs


One time payment 175USD.